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4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Got Rejected

Here are the reasons why your facebook ads got rejected

4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Got Rejected

Panicking over rejected Facebook ads? 

Wondering what went wrong?

Facebook ads rejection is normal. Facebook needs to monitor every ad being submitted to them to prevent “poor ad experiences, and help support more meaningful connections between people and businesses.”

Based on their Advertising Policies, Facebook monitors ads so meticulously that they even manually check them after their automated technology. This shows how much work goes into creating and checking ads that pass their policies.

Rejected ads can cause panic to advertisers and page managers. This is because the ad can be rejected for good or worse, if the ad has too many rejections, it can lead to your account getting restricted. 

So if you are wondering why your ads keep on getting rejected, here are some of the reasons why:

Creating prohibited and restricted content

Are you launching ads about tobacco and cigarette products? Or something about medicines and drugs?

According to Facebook’s ad placement rules these are prohibited and restricted content. Thus, launching ads on these topics will result in automatic ad rejection. 

Aside from tobacco, cigarettes, and drugs the list of Facebook’s prohibited content is actually extensive. 

And you might not be aware that you are posting one. 

Profanities, aggression, highly controversial topics, and discrimination are also some topics you should avoid. Here are other things that you need to avoid when launching Facebook ads.

So if your ad gets rejected, double check with Facebook’s ad policies. You might be creating an ad that is under their prohibited and restricted content. 

Manipulative tactics

Is your ad objective website traffic? 

Facebook does not only focus on your ad image creative and ad copies or captions. They also analyze the landing page of your ads as well. Take your domain into consideration and wonder if it appears trustworthy. 

Also, make sure that your ad is consistent with your landing page. 

If you are creating an ad about your new T-shirt line, but your landing page is about sexy lingerie, this is a direct manipulative tactic in your ads that Facebook will automatically reject.  

Facebook prefers consistency and relevance. So whatever you’re promoting on Facebook, make sure it reflects your landing page.

Typographical errors

Have you double or triple checked your ads?

Broken landing pages, typographical mistakes on ad copies, unclear ads, and grammatical errors can lead to ads rejection. 

Moreover, Facebook does not favor poorly made copies especially when it includes the name of its brands. So avoid using “fb, FB, IG, or ig” when referring to any Meta technologies. Instead, spell out the brand names the way they should be written. 

You should also steer clear of too much slang and excessive special characters. In fact, using too many special characters written together can be identified by Facebook as profanities.

Text and image rules

Be mindful of the text-to-image ratio policy. Facebook has a 20% text rule that basically means your texts should not overpower your images.

The idea behind this is that Facebook wants your ad to be visually engaging without looking like an advertisement. With this, users can scroll through their feeds and see uniformity in normal posts and ads.

If your ad gets rejected, you might have too much text on your ad creative.

Inappropriate targeting

Are you advertising alcohol products? 

Facebook can be pretty meticulous when it comes to products such as alcohol, gambling, and dating among others. However, this does not mean that ads for these products and services are no longer allowed on the platform.

The only reason your ads for these products get rejected is because of inappropriate targeting. Be mindful of age restrictions and how they vary in different countries. Make sure you’re targeting specific ages and locations.

Ad history

Unfortunately, your ad history still counts. If you’ve been running Facebook ads for quite some time now, and you’ve already had some encounters with rejected ads, you could end up with pending or rejected ads. 

But if you’ve already run campaigns in the past and have not encountered issues, you would have a smoother and quicker reviewing stage.

COVID-19 Keywords

When writing a copy or ad caption, you should think sensitively. Facebook algorithm does not favor the use of COVID-19-related terms, such as “pandemic, corona, coronavirus, anxious” and other terms. 

So if you include this in your ad, Facebook assess your ad campaign as insensitive and inappropriate. This can lead to rejection. 

There are also pain points that you should never include in your ads, especially since they are associated with sensitive topics such as health and safety-related content. Words like “weight loss, fat, depression, and anxiety” violate multiple policy guidelines on the platform.

Try to use kinder and more positive statements when creating Facebook ads.

What to Keep In Mind

When launching Facebook ads, consider the following:

  • Avoid launching ads on prohibited and restricted content
  • Double check for typographical errors
  • Make sure your landing pages are working and relevant to your ad
  • Review your images thoroughly, make sure they follow the right text-to-image ratio (20% text and 80% image)
  • Make sure your ad is relevant to your target audience
  • Write your copies the right way without forgetting content policies

Remember that rejected ads serve as a warning. Don’t let them pile up in your ad history, or you’ll get your account restricted.

If you need help when it comes to creating Facebook ads that perform well, make sure to follow our Facebook page for more tips facebook.com/dgstrategists

On the other hand, if you need help in creating ad images and captions, we have ready to use 365 Days of Social Media Content Strategy customized for every business.  

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Happy posting!