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7 Instagram Apps To Help You Create Engaging Content

instagram content for business

7 Instagram Apps To Help You Create Engaging Content

Need help in creating content for your Instagram page?

Thinking of ways to spice up your Instagram feed and get more engagements and reach?

Aside from Facebook, Instagram is another great platform to promote your products and services. 

With over 500 million active daily users, it is indeed another great platform to build your business presence online. 

But unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is a unique platform that capitalizes purely on visuals. 

Although there’s room for captions, this social media site thrives on pictures, video clips, and short reels.

With this in mind, you cannot stand out as a brand if you do not possess the proper visuals needed to catch the attention of users. 

With your goal being visually pleasing and thumb-stopping, here are some apps that are guaranteed to make your audience stop, look and engage with your Instagram page: 

Create better content with these Instagram visual apps


VSCO is an Instagram staple and has always been widely popular due to its editing features. VSCO has intricate editing tools that make it easier and more accessible for users to edit their photos without limit.

Some of the features include filters, clarity, tint, skin tone, shadows tint, X-skew, and Y-skew. 

The X-skew and Y-skew modify and stretch the photo along the x- and y-axis to change the angle of the photo. This is one of VSCO’s unique features that make it stand out.

Moreover, VSCO also allows its users to capture, share and discover photos. With this feature, you can gather more inspiration, take photos in an instant and share them online.

Splice by GoPro

Are you also thinking of posting videos and reels on Instagram?

If you are wondering about video content on social media, you can easily edit them with GoPro’s free video editing app, Splice. Traditionally, video editing was only possible on laptops and desktops. Nowadays, multiple video editing apps are already available on mobile phones.

Splice allows you to trim, crop, add titles, insert transitions and animations, and more. They also have a library of music and sound effects you may add to your video – everything you need is in one app.


When advertising on Instagram, you also have to up your game on Instagram stories. In 2019 alone, there were 500 million active Instagram stories users worldwide. This just shows that stories are also popular among users.

Unfold is a great app for brands seeking to create a cohesive brand presence. They have templates that give your content a “storyteller” feel to it because they appear to be mini digital magazines.


To make your content more fun and trendy, you should try using Patternator. This app allows you to create animated backdrops for your stories using images and GIFs.

Patternator also allows you to edit and tweak the speed and movement of the graphics for a more customized feel. This one is sure to catch the attention of your audience because of its playful appearance.

Life Lapse

Stop-motion videos are also attention-grabbing, and Life Lapse is one app that makes it easier to create these clips.

Through Life Lapse, you don’t need to exert the same amount of effort and time into time-lapse clips. This application magically brings life even to the most inanimate objects and using a premium account also lets you add music to your clips.


Do you often have a hard time picking out fonts? Do you spend most of your time editing and fixing the text-to-image ratio of your ads?

WordSwag allows users to create text posts, or add designer texts to images. This is the perfect addition to Instagram posts and stories alike. Layer your content with these unique typographic elements so your content stands out without ruining the image.

This app has more than 80 different fonts and typefaces available, 1.3 million free backgrounds, and lets you choose your frames and layouts.

Adobe Express

Finally, Adobe is a well-known high-quality social media designing tool. With Adobe Express, you have access to ready-to-use templates and free design tools.

Everything you need is here – from the template to the Adobe Stock photo collection. All your content essentials are within reach. Adobe Express also has amazing features that let you:

  • Remove image backgrounds
  • Trim, resize, and animate videos
  • Add text effects

You simply need to choose a template, upload your content, edit and customize your text, and then you’re all good to go.

Instagram content for businesses

When creating Instagram content, keep in mind that this platform is all about being visually pleasing. You can only catch the attention of your audience through pretty images and engaging captions.

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On the other hand, if you need help creating images, captions and hashtags, we have ready to use 365 Days of Social Media Content Strategy customized for every business.

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