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Blog Tips To Promote Your Business: How to write blogs for busy business owners

blog tips to promote your business

Blog Tips To Promote Your Business: How to write blogs for busy business owners

Blog Tips To Promote Your Business: How to write blogs for busy business owners

Writing can be difficult especially if you don’t have a background in it. But you need to write a lot of content if you want to increase your website traffic and sales. You also need more content to help you be found and rank on Google and other search engines. Having quality content on your website will also help you be an expert or establish authority in your industry. 

Content is really the king in the digital marketing world. 

And Google favours websites who produce quality, unique, relevant and fresh content consistently. 

But how can you do that if you don’t know anything about content writing or blogging?

As business owners, how can you find time in your busy schedule to learn how to blog?

As a trusted provider of quality content writing, we understand these struggles of business owners. 

That is why we keep on producing tips, resources and materials to help them in their content writing journey. 

And if you want to start blogging or writing to promote your business but can’t afford to hire an expert blogger or writer to do that, here are simple and easy to do blog tips to promote your business.

Don’t write for yourself, write for your customers instead

Your website and everything on it, including its content and blogs are not for you. It is for your customers. That is why when you are writing blogs think about your customers. Think about the problems your customers are experiencing and how you, your business and your products/services can help solve them. 

Digital Strategists was created to help small and medium businesses get started with digital marketing. This is the reason why most of our content is aimed at providing resources on how to help business owners promote their business online. 

Take for example this blog. Since our audience are business owners who don’t have an idea on writing blogs, we are providing this article to help them get started on it.

On the other hand, if you are managing a real estate website, it is not enough that you populate your website with property listings. (Might as well use a property listing site for that). 

You also need to provide content that will help your customers in their home buying journey. You can also update them with the latest real estate news and updates. 

If you consistently do this, your customers and visitors will think of you as an expert on real estate and will always visit your website for more relevant and valuable information. 

Create a plan for your content

For business owners, one of the main reasons why they fail to write for their business is because they don’t have time and ideas. Well, that can be solved by planning. 

Before you start to write any content for your business, create a plan first. List all the topics that you want to write and map out in the calendar when you need to publish it. 

With this, you won’t run out of blog ideas to write. Moreover, since the blogs are already mapped out in a calendar, you will be encouraged to write on time since you have a deadline that guides you. 

To help you in listing down blog topic ideas, you may go to Google search. If you are an accounting firm, you may simply type “accounting topics to write about”. There will be a bunch of resources that can help you have blog ideas. 

You may also use a keyword tool like keywordtool.io. Just type in a phrase or keyword that is related to your business and industry, it will generate a list of the various keywords that people are typing on search engines. These keywords can already be your blog title. 

Moreover, using keywords that people are already typing on search engines as your title is an easy way to optimize your blog and content and get more traffic.

Always provide value on your content

Don’t just write content for the sake of it. Please, please, please, DON’T DO THAT. If you do, sooner or later, no one will read you. It will be also harder to establish your business as an authority or expert in your industry if you have content that doesn’t offer value. No one will waste their time visiting your website and reading your blog if at the end of it there is nothing for them. 

That is why one of the best blog tips to promote your business is to write valuable content. 

How do you do that? 

For example, if you are selling shoes online, you might want to write content on tips on how to properly take care of your shoes. Or if you are selling grocery items online, you might want to give some handy grocery tips. You can also provide easy to do menu recipes. 

Be generous in offering value when writing your blogs.
If you notice on all our blogs here on Digital Strategists, aside from the tips, we also recommend some tools and websites that can help our readers. We also conduct research and share the results with everyone.

When you write valuable content, your readers or customers will reward you by becoming returning visitors or recommending you with other people. This is good at increasing your website traffic and creating more leads for your website. 

Here are some of the comments our readers left for some of our blogs

How To Boost My Website Traffic – Easy To Do Strategies

Be consistent in posting

You might be asking, what’s the golden number of publishing a blog in a month? Or how many should I do in a week?

A lot of digital marketers and content writers debate on how frequent you should blog. Many say that 11 blogs a month is a good way to increase traffic. While some go for only 1 blog a week. Well, the bottom line here is “consistency”. No matter how many blogs you produce in a week or month, the key here is you need to be consistent in publishing blogs. 

Aim for a frequency of blog creation and publishing that you can maintain. You can go fortnightly or weekly. And that is totally fine. The important thing here is that you need to be consistent. Don’t just write today and leave your blog page the week after. 

Search engines like Google love fresh content. And the more frequent and consistent you are in creating valuable content for your website, the more chances you have to show on the first page of Google. 

This is why you need to plan your content to help you be consistent in publishing your blog. 

To help you be consistent on publishing blogs, WordPress has the option to schedule blog publishing on a specific time and day. This way, you can write blogs as many as you can, and schedule their publishing afterwards. This can save you so much time and automate your blogging creation process.

Blog tips to promote your business

Write with your own voice

When you blog, you don’t have to use hifalutin words to sound smart. In fact, it is even better if you can explain concepts or ideas as simple as possible. A blog that can be understood by a fifth grader is better than a long-form research paper that is bombarded with unknown terms. 

The more your blog is easy to read and understand, the more you will attract a following. Moreover, you need to make your blogs conversational. Which means you need to write using your own voice. That way, you are humanizing your content helping your readers to connect with you easily. 

So when you write, just write how you will talk to someone. This will give your content a bit of personality. Also, try to keep the sales pitch down so you won’t sound a little scammy. 

Moreover, using simple as well as short and concise sentences can help with your SEO. 

You may use webfx.com to check the readability of your blog. Here is the result of one of our recent blogs:

Blog tips to promote your business

KISS! Keep it short but sweet

You might be wondering how long or short your blog should be. Well, people tend to scan web content, so it is advisable to blog with a minimum of 400 words. But if you need to write longer, then do so. Remember, you need to give value to your content. So if you can give value with 400 words or need more words than that, then go ahead. 

We, at Digital Strategists, tend to write long blogs of 1500 words or more. Aside from the fact that we love to blog, we need to write longer so we can explain concepts and ideas more clearly.

Increase the shareability of your blog

It is not enough that you publish your blog on your website. You also need to share it on other platforms like social media. Aside from that, it is also a good practice to put a social media button on your blog so readers can easily share it with their friends and connections. This is a simple strategy that has been proven to be effective in driving traffic and potential sales on your website. 

Blog tips to promote your business

Make your blog unique

There are a lot of content and blogs on the internet. And you may bump into a content that is similar to what you are writing. There’s no problem with that, as long as you did not copy or duplicate that content. If so, you will get penalized for plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a big no-no in blogging. Google hates duplicated content. And if Google noticed that you keep on creating content that is the same with other resources, then say goodbye to your Google ranking. 

It is okay to look for inspiration. It is also okay to copy a certain portion for as long as you credit your source. But never ever duplicate content. 

If you want to know if your blog is unique and not plagiarised, you may use Plagiarism Detector. 

This site also shows you the number of characters, words, sentences, and speak time in your blog. So before you publish your content make sure to run it first here.

Blog tips to promote your business

Measure your blog’s performance

If your blog is not receiving any comments, it does not mean that no one is reading it. Think about the number of blogs or articles that you’ve read, did you leave a comment on those? Probably not, I guess. But that does not mean you did not read it. So don’t use comments as a sole matrix for the performance of your blog. 

One of the popular tools to check your website performance is Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can find the number of visits your blog has, the countries and cities they are from, the keywords that they used in finding your blog, among others. 

By knowing how your blog performs, you can adjust and experiment to see which strategy or approach is better for your website.

Blog tips to promote your business

Wrap up

With all the things that we have discussed in this blog the main point and main blog tips to promote your business that you need to remember is – you should create UNIQUE, RELEVANT and VALUABLE content. With this, your website will easily get on Google search which means more traffic and leads for your business. 

Moreover, if you understand the importance of content in promoting your business but don’t have the time to really put your mind into it, we, at Digital Strategists, are always here to help you. 

Just hit us an email at dgstrategists@gmail.com or message us using our Facebook Messenger Chat button below.

Keep writing and ranking!

May you have more clients to come, 

The Digital Strategists Team