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Website Development

If you are planning to build a website for your business, you might be torn between coding from scratch or using a template. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential that you weigh first the pros and cons before deciding for an ideal option. As a trusted provider of website development in Clark, Philippines, we’ve taken a closer look at the two processes and noted some pros and cons that you need to consider if...

Having an awesome website design is not enough. To make your website work for its purpose it needs to be fully functional and be visible on search engines.  You've got to apply some SEO or search engine optimization strategies with website development. Through SEO, it can help your website be easily noticed by search crawlers.  You need to take advantage of the top position in search results especially in Google with over 90% search market share. In...

Do you have a website? How often do you check it?  Are you sure that all the links, images, graphics, codes are working fine? One of the biggest reasons why most websites are not getting enough traffic is because their website is not optimized and maintained well.  Website development does not end once the website has been launched. You need to do monthly and even weekly checkups to make sure that everything is working fine. Don’t wait for your customers...

New year, new decade and new digital marketing trends for everyone. Digital marketing is constantly changing and if you don’t know and don’t apply these trends or changes you are limiting your business or brand from potential growth and success.  With many years as a digital marketing specialist, I am always on the lookout for these yearly trends (small or big) as they are game-changers in the whole marketing industry. So for businesses or brands out there...