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Coding from Scratch vs Using Template? Which is better

coding from scratch versus using template

Coding from Scratch vs Using Template? Which is better

If you are planning to build a website for your business, you might be torn between coding from scratch or using a template. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential that you weigh first the pros and cons before deciding for an ideal option.

As a trusted provider of website development in Clark, Philippines, we’ve taken a closer look at the two processes and noted some pros and cons that you need to consider if you are going to build your website. 

Coding a Website from Scratch

Some websites that you find on the internet are mostly coded from scratch or custom-built using some popular content management system or CMS like WordPress (the most used platform). Website owners are considering a custom-built website due to its benefits. Among these advantages are stated below, but we will also consider the disadvantages.

Benefits of coding from scratch

Unique Design

Among the key considerations of why website owners are choosing to custom-build is to attain a branded design. They want to showcase their own unique design to highlight their company’s values and culture. Most big companies opt for a custom-built website to ensure that they stand out in their industry.

Adaptable According to Your Needs

Coding your website from scratch means that its functionalities are suited according to your needs. Whether you’re planning to build an eCommerce site or a simple professional website, you can add unique functionality to it. 

Full Control of Your Website

Another reason why coding your website from scratch is an advantage is that you have full control over your website. You have no limitations on what to add. Your website is dedicated for your own use, thus, you can assure full security and control over your website.

Here is a real estate website that we, at Digital Strategists, coded from scratch. The client wanted to take full control of the content that will be uploaded on the website. Moreover, the client wanted to have a virtual tour option that other real estates or property listing websites don’t have. 

Even though it is custom-built, this website is still easy to use on the backend and the client can easily upload and edit content without complications.

Moreover, because of its unique design (which is based on the client’s idea and requirements), it cannot be compared with other property listing websites out there that are mostly template-based.

Source: iamahomeseller.com.ph

Disadvantages of coding from scratch

More Expensive

Hiring a freelance developer or a web development company to build your website from scratch can be expensive. Web developers will create unique codes to achieve your distinct website’s needs.

Longer Time Frame Needed

Aside from being expensive, coding a website from scratch means that it will require a much longer time-frame. You can’t rush something if you want to make it perfect.

Higher Expertise Needed

Going for a custom-built website means that you need to hire an expert web developer that can meet your unique website needs. This web developer or web development company must have a proven portfolio of successfully built custom websites.

Using a Template for Your Website

If coding from scratch is not for you, there are a lot of website templates in the market today that you can use. Some of them are even free.

Using templates for websites is becoming popular especially if you are using WordPress. Website owners are adapting to this trend because of the advantages that they can get. Of course, there is also a downside on it. We added some of the disadvantages to help you compare.

Benefits of using website templates

Less Expensive

Using a pre-built website means that you can choose from a lot of templates available. For example at Themeforest, you can choose from a wide array of templates at a much price. Some are also free to use.

Faster Development

With templates, a much shorter time can be spent on web development. Unlike with coding from scratch, templates have pre-built pages for the main web pages or types of pages that you want. Designs and certain functionalities are also ready.

Tested for Search and User Friendliness

With its popularity, most of the templates now are prepared and tested for search engines and user experience. They are also fully responsive which means they are 100% mobile-friendly.

Below is an example of a website built using a template. Even though we used a template, we made a couple of modifications to meet the requirements of the clients. The development of this kind of website is faster and easier. We were able to deliver this website within 2 weeks and the client was really happy with the fast turn over.

Disadvantages of using website templates

Similarities to Other Website

With template websites, you can certainly spot some similarities to other websites that use the same templates. It is advisable to do some tweaks on the template of your choice if you want to add some touch of uniqueness. But, since you are using templates, you can still observe some similarities even if you added some tweaks.

Limitations on Customization or Design

Tweaking a template website is possible but there are limitations when you want full customization. This is why you can still observe some similarities from other websites using the same template.

Limitations on Functionalities

You can certainly add some plug-ins to attain a certain function that you want for your website but oftentimes you can’t use it because it is non-compatible to your template.

So, Which is Better?

When creating a website, you need to look at what your company needs as well as your budget. If you have a bigger budget and you want a fully customised website, you can opt for a website that is coded from scratch.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget and yet you still want an awesome website, it is still possible with a template. You just need to find a web developer or web development company that can meet your requirements. Take in mind that templates can still be tweaked but you have to find an expert developer that is capable of achieving your desired expectations.

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