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Creating A Facebook Page Can Make Your Business Successful

creating facebook page to grow your business

Creating A Facebook Page Can Make Your Business Successful

Don’t know how to promote your business on Facebook?

Thinking if you need to create a Facebook page or stick with your personal account in promoting your business online?

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook page and how it can help you grow your business.

Founded in 2004, Facebook mainly existed for the purpose of entertaining people. Facebook became the all-rounder combination of all the other social networking sites that preceded it. 

It had the qualities of Tumblr as people had the power to post pictures and people played games just like how they did on Friendster.

Such are the qualities that personal accounts on Facebook have and despite existing competitors in the social media scene, Facebook continues to dominate.

Using Facebook pages for business

People started seeing the potential and Facebook grew to become more than just a place to parade our personal updates – it started serving the marketing needs of businesses with its new updates and features that are mostly for the growth of businesses. 

What used to be the ground for sharing, now evolved to cater to more than just entertainment. Facebook pages, unlike personal accounts, are now primarily used to promote businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of creating a Facebook page and how it can help your business grow online. 

1. Facebook page is free

With a whopping 1.96 billion Facebook users daily, this social networking site is the perfect ground to share one’s business. Your customers are on Facebook so your business should be here too. 

And the good thing, creating or setting up a Facebook page is FREE. You can tap Facebook’s billion users without breaking the bank. 

However, part of setting up your Facebook page is your logo and branding. So you might need to invest in your own logo and branding so you can easily set up and promote your business on Facebook. 

Need help in creating a logo and branding for your business, we can help. Simply message us at dgstrategists@gmail.com or call/text 0928-223-8416.

facebook page sample

2. Variety of content to post and share

Using your Facebook page, you can post various forms of content: static images, videos, reels, and stories. You can also launch live videos, events, and appointments which is not available to personal Facebook accounts. 

These various types of content and features can easily catch the attention of users and can in turn grow your followers. 

Moreover, these content can be used to stay in touch with your customers. It can also help your brand be active on Facebook. 

3. Schedule and automate your content strategy

One of the best features of having a Facebook page for your business is the scheduling of content. You can schedule your content for the whole week or month. With this, you can save time in manually posting your content daily. 

All you have to do is create your whole content plan for the week or for the month and then plot or schedule it using Meta Planner. To access Meta Planner, simply sign in on your Facebook page, then go to business.facebook.com

This is what the Meta Planner looks like:

creating facebook page to grow your business

If you don’t have time to create content for your business, we have ready to use social media content/posting strategy that you can use. Simply message us at m.me/dgstrategists and tell us the posting strategy that you would like to know so we can recommend the best strategy for your business. 

Facebook’s versatility leads to growing your brand awareness, giving presence, and gaining exposure as you continue to reach your audience with timely quotes, digital art, and curated posts.

4. Allows communication between businesses and customers

Another advantage of setting up a Facebook page is that it allows actual communication between your business and your customers. This two-way communication effectively allows for feedback, questions, and comments to pass directly between the two users. This can greatly improve your customer service which is one of the keys to the success of your business. 

Businesses may choose to include Messenger or WhatsApp buttons in their posts for easier communication. You can even add their contact details on your post’s caption for the customers’ reference. Links to websites may be added to the page as well, which in turn, increases website traffic.

5. Launch Facebook Ads and boost posts

With a Facebook page, you can launch Facebook ads or boost a post to promote your business. Meta Ads Manager helps in developing advertising campaigns aligned with your business goals.

Businesses can create ads, set a budget, and select ad placement options across Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Stories, and Reels. This gives your Facebook page complete control over ads and their frequency on said platforms.

Facebook ads and boost posts are only available to Facebook pages. Personal accounts cannot launch and control ads. 

Creating facebook ads

6. Create your own online shop

Another amazing feature of Facebook page is it allows you to create Facebook Shops. This is a digital or online shop for your business. You can upload your product on your page and customers can browse your online store and directly message you to make an order. 

You can also connect your website or online store to your Facebook shop to track and monitor your sales as well as widen your reach and increase your online store traffic. 

facebook shop sample

7. Engaging with online communities

Businesses can also engage with others online. Through Facebook page, businesses may create and host events available for everyone.

This form of marketing creates noise for more engagement and brand awareness.

8. Accessing page performance

Alongside all the abovementioned, Facebook Insights is another feature that helps page owners understand the statistics of their posts and the overall performance of the Facebook page. 

With these insights, business owners will be able to know the right content that resonates with their audience and the strategy that fits their business. 

facebook page insights dashboard

How to make your Facebook page stand out

Although Facebook has already provided top-notch marketing features for its users, social media management is not an easy task. There are strategies that must be used, and factors at play that must be considered. 

Managing Facebook pages must be a mix of effective strategy and promotions, all the while knowing the target audience and what works for them. 

Being unique in a sea of businesses and organizations may seem unlikely, but with the help of planned and consistent posting, and steadily checking content performance, standing out will not seem like an impossible task.

With this in mind, social media templates that speak the true voice of your business are needed. This is why we have created a customized ready to use social media content strategy that covers all of these types of content and the best practices on how to manage your Facebook page. 

If you want to know more about it, simply message us at m.me/dgstrategists or call/text at 0928-223-8416.

Be social!