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Facebook Tips and Tricks To Help You Grow Your Business

facebook tips and hacks

Facebook Tips and Tricks To Help You Grow Your Business

Want to know some Facebook tips and tricks?

Facebook has been one of the widely used social media today. More than one billion active users, it is also one of the most preferred platforms to advertise and market for many brands and businesses. 

And it is FREE (except for Facebook ads of course).

However, it is not enough to just have a Facebook account. For businesses, it is important to know how to use it to your advantage. And that is one of the biggest problems of many businesses today. 

Yes, a lot of businesses today have Facebook accounts. But the problem is that they don’t know how to maintain and be consistent in using it. And that is the key if you want your business to succeed using Facebook. 

Want more likes? 

Want more followers?

Want more engagement?

Want more direct messages from customers?

Whatever your goal is, here at Digital Strategists, we will help you crack some Facebook hacks that can help you grow your business. Did we say these hacks are FREE? 

So here we go. 

Facebook hacks that can help you grow your business

1. Fill out the NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. When you create your Facebook page make sure that your NAP is accurate and is the same as the other information you have on your website and other places. It is important to fill this up as this will be the main source of your customer to contact you and to verify your business. Filling out your NAP is also one of the many good search engine optimization (SEO) practices for your Facebook account. So don’t skip this part no matter what, or else, your overall search ranking will be compromised.

This is a sample of a complete about page.

2. Use long-tail keywords

In order for your page to be found by your customers, it is important to use long-tail keywords on your About Page and on your posts. 

Long-tail keyword is an SEO term that refers to a longer and more specific keyword that is relevant to your brand. Today, long-tail keywords do not only work on your website search ranking, but also on your social media accounts. 

How do we do this? 

For example, we have Savvi Accounting and Shared Services – an accounting firm in Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines. If you used “accounting”, we have this result. 

Since it is too general, we have a wide range of search result. And we should not aim for this. But if we use a long tail keyword “accounting firm”, we have this result:

Or if we use a more specific term “accounting firm in angeles city”, we have this:

See that? Since we used “accounting firm in angeles city” as a long tail keyword on our About Page and on our posts, we are on the first page of Facebook search. One way to increase your engagement and conversion rate as well as for the right customers to easily find you!

So pick the right long-tail keyword for your brand or businesses, and make sure you include it in your About Us Page, in your posts, and many other places in your Facebook page. 

3. Add reviews

Reviews can help you boost your brand’s credibility. They can also help you boost your sales and improve customer trusts. It also increases your chances of appearing on Facebook’s search result. So prioritize reviews. Ask your customer to give you feedback, a review or a rating on your service or product. 

According to Bright Local, 68% of customers will give review and feedback when asked. So next time your customer made a purchase, don’t forget to send them a message thanking them for their patronage and asking them to review and rate you. You will be surprised by the positive response they are willing to give.

4. Be visual on your posts

Did you know that Facebook posts that have images get 2.3x more engagement than those without?

So make it a habit to use photos always when creating content on Facebook. And to get more engagement, make sure that your photo is interesting and appealing.

Like this one.

5. Post more videos

If visuals get more engagements, so are videos. In fact, Facebook is encouraging brands and content creators to publish more videos. They are even paying influencers and celebrities to post live videos.  

So if your Facebook page publishes videos, Facebook is likely to notice you and recommend you on their search result, thus getting more exposure on your part. 

This is a drone video showing the brand’s product. 

6. Go live

Facebook Live is one of the things that you should use if you want to get more engagements. Why? Well, simply because people watch live videos 3x longer than regular videos and get 10x more comment. 

So if you have an event coming, announce it on your page that you will be live streaming the event on your Facebook page. You may also conduct a question and answer event about your brand and livestream it. 

Be creative in thinking of ways to go Live on Facebook as this kind of content shows originality and create a strong customer base. 

Moreover, Facebook favors this kind of content giving you a larger organic boost. Yay!

7. Posts on the best times

If you want your posts to get more engagements, you need to find the best time when to post your content. 

We recently conducted research on the best time to post in the Philippines, check it out here. 

You can also create your own experiment to see which is the best time to posts on your page by checking your page insights. Simply click Insights on the top menu of your Facebook page and go to Post.

8. Be consistent in publishing your content

How often do you post? Do you do one post a day? 

For Facebook, experts recommend 3 posts a day. But it can be too much or too less for your brand. So before publishing, do some testing on your Facebook page on what works best for your brand. 

So if you are low on engagement and reach, try these strategies to help your brand grow on Facebook. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to manage your Facebook and your other social media accounts, you can always hire a social media strategist to get you started. Book a free discussion with us or request a free quote today to meet your personal social media strategist. 

May you get the highest engagement and reach on Facebook.

The Digital Strategists Team