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Here’s What You Need To Do To Successfully Launch Your First Facebook Ads

How to launch facebook ads

Here’s What You Need To Do To Successfully Launch Your First Facebook Ads

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking into new marketing strategies, using Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to market your business and be in front of your customers.

With 2.93 billion active Facebook users every month, businesses won’t have to worry about reaching their target audience.

Your target market is on Facebook, your business should be here too. If not, you are missing a lot of opportunities. 

Here are more reasons why you need Facebook advertising to help your business grow:

Benefits of using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are “very” budget-friendly

Setting up a Facebook page is free, and boosting advertisements is generally affordable. 

Compared to traditional advertising (flyering, billboards, newspapers, magazines) the target audience is hard to gauge. Despite the great cost of production, you cannot determine whether you are showing your ads to the right demographic.

With Facebook ads, a ₱500 budget can already reach a thousand of your possible customer. What makes it better is that you can fully customize the demographic you want to reach! This means you can directly offer your product and services in front of your target market. 

You can track your ad performance

Facebook has an “Insights” feature that allows businesses to track their ads’ performance. Here, you can monitor your ad spending, ad performance, ad traffic, among others. With this kind of data, you can adjust your ad metric to make it more effective. 

Facebook insights sample

You can customize your ads based on your needs 

You can have total control over what and when to post, on top of who could see it with Meta Ads Manager.

Businesses can customize the audience they want to reach with every ad. This varies by age, location, hobbies, interests, and language, among others.

There are also other features allowing you to customize campaign goals, budget optimization, and optimization strategy. 

Other than this, businesses can delve into the creative part of it: customizing ad placements, format, media form, call-to-actions, and landing page.

With this flexibility, businesses can enjoy the feature of controlling and combining what works best. 

It helps you grow your audience

Research states that the average conversion rate in Facebook ads across all businesses is 9.21%. 

With this fact, and social media being a great influence in shopping, Facebook should be used to its full potential. 

Facebook also allows ad placements on other Meta platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This offers a wider range of audiences allowing you to grow your reach and following. And if you have a big following, it would be easy for you to promote your business to other people. 

It is easy to use

Running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram is very easy. You can simply boost a post on Facebook by choosing a published posts and clicking the “Boost Posts” button. You can also create Facebook Ads using the “Create Ad” button found in your Facebook page. 

Here are some things that you need to know and the best practices to help you launch an effective Facebook ad.

How to launch facebook ads

How to create a Facebook Ad

1. Choose your objective

The first thing that you need to know when launching a Facebook Ad is your campaign objective. 

Before proceeding to the more technical aspects of Facebook ads, Facebook will ask you about your objective. 

Is it to get more page likes and follows? Get more direct messages? Get more website visits? Get more phone calls? 

There are different types of objectives depending on your goal: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.


With awareness, you seek to grab people’s attention. Brand awareness is about making your brand known particularly among people who are likely to be interested. This is mostly your target market or customer. 

To gauge the effectiveness of your Awareness objective, you need to check your Reach Metric. Reach refers to the number of people who will see your Facebook Ads. Your number of reach will depend on your budget. The higher your budget the higher your reach. 


Consideration is related to engagement with the ads. You can use this objective if you aim to have more traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and messages.

  • Traffic is about growing the number of visits to your site, app, or Messenger.
  • Engagement helps in getting more people to follow and engage with your posts.
  • App installs allow businesses to directly link to the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Video views control whom to show your videos to. 
  • Lead generation encourages people to stay and learn more about your business.
  • Messages prompt people to converse with the business through Messenger.


Conversion is about getting people to act. This invites the target audience to purchase through catalogue sales, or visit stores. If you want to increase your sales, this is the objective you need to choose. 

facebook ads goals

2. Select your audience

Facebook Audience Insights provides information on people connected to your Facebook page. This includes their demographics, lifestyle, and interests, among others. 

There are three types of audiences, namely core audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences. 

  • Core audiences – You can deliver ads according to location, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections.
  • Custom audiences – You can focus on people who have already shown their interest in the business. These are your customers, site visitors, and app users.
  • Lookalike audiences – You can reach people with common interests and traits. Facebook will generate new audiences based on your custom audiences. 
Facebook ads audiences

3. Decide where to run your ad

Ad Placements are places where you run your ads. It can be anywhere in the Meta Universe: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Meta Audience Network.

Even though it does not increase the cost of the ad, it effectively scatters your ad across multiple platforms. This garners more clients.

Meta technologies include feeds, stories and reels, live streams, search results, messages, articles, apps, and many others.

With this variety of ad placements, you will never run out of place and space to advertise your business.

facebook ads placements

4. Set your budget

Meta Advantage+ placements help you make the most out of your budget without compromising your ad’s exposure. 

The cost of these ad placements, despite the number of platforms, is still the same. This means that you may include a lot of ad placements to reach a wider audience and you’d still pay the same.

What we highly recommend here on DG Strategists is to use Facebook’s recommended minimum budget which is usually PHP 50 to PHP 60 per day. This way you can’t exhaust your Facebook ad budget right away. 

You can run the minimum budget for the first four (4) days of your Facebook Ad. The first 4 days are critical in getting a lot of information and data that you can use to adjust your ad and make it more effective. 

recommended facebook ads budget

5. Pick a format

Telling your story can be in the form of video, images, or words. Or it can even be a combination of all these, as provided by Facebook.

  • Photo ads outperform other forms of ad formats. It is easier to make, stands out in the feed, and still invites traffic. 
  • Video ads are another format that garners millions of viewers. In the Philippines alone, 49 million users watch on Facebook Watch. This means that a majority of video ads are completed by viewers.
  • Stories ads are strategically convenient for advertisers, mainly because people hold their phones vertically 90% of the time. These snippets of media have more than half a billion users every day.
  • Messenger ads are ads placed where the clients are. In the Messenger app, these ads take clients directly to a call-to-action, making the process easier. They can be in the form of Stories or clickable buttons from ads.
  • Carousel ads make the most out of a single Facebook ad. Every carousel card allows you to showcase a product with its own landing page. You may also use all cards to focus on the qualities of one product.
  • Slideshow ads have all the beneficial qualities of video but are simpler to produce. It uses five times less data than video but manages to stay as informative.
  • Collections ads turn discovery to purchase into a smooth process. This creates an instant storefront where customers can view all products in one place. Transactions are made easier here.
  • Playable ads are interactive previews of your app. Users are given a brief moment to test and try your app before installing it.
Sample facebook ads

6. Set a time duration

You can set how long your ad will run. You can run it for a day or a month. But here at DG Strategists, we recommend you to run your ads continuously, this way, you can just turn it off when the ad is not performing. Or if the ad is performing you can let it be active for a few more days. 

Running your ads continuously will help you maximize your ads. If your ad is performing well you can just continue it instead of creating a new one to launch again. 

On the other hand, if you set a time duration for your ad and the ad is not performing well then you need to wait for the time duration to expire. But if you set it to run continuously, you can simply turn it off and not wait for it to expire. 

Recommended facebook ads schedule

7. Measure and manage your ad

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can track and monitor the performance of your ads. It is important to monitor your ads to make necessary adjustments to your creatives, audience, placement and budget. 

By monitoring and making adjustments to your ads, you are creating a more effective ad that meets your objective. 

Facebook insights

Need help in creating Facebook Ads images and captions? We can help!

One of the major things that affect the performance of your Facebook ad is the ad image and the captions. It is the very core of your Facebook Ads. And we can help you with that. 

We have ready to use and edit Facebook images with captions that you can use for your next Facebook ads. Get to know more about our 365 Days of Social Media Content Strategy. You can also email us at dgstrategists@gmail.com, call our text at 0928-223-8416 or message us on m.me/dgstrategists to know more.

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ready to use facebook ads