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How To Convert Inquiries Into Sales

How to convert inquiries into sales

How To Convert Inquiries Into Sales

Are you receiving a lot of inquiries on your social media page?

If yes, are these inquiries converting into sales?

Inquiries are good, but converting them into sales is the best. 

But the big question is, how can we convert these inquiries into sales? 

How can we convert them to buy our products or become paying clients?

We need to understand first the different levels of the marketing funnel.

What is the Marketing Funnel?

Developed in 1898 by the American Advertising Advocate Elias St. Elmo Lewis, the marketing funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates the customer-buying journey. 

Every purchase involves:


The prospect is aware of the product or service offering


The prospect finds the product and service beneficial to him/her. “He/she starts to become interested in the product/service.”


The prospect finds all the answers to his/her question about the product/service and is convinced to buy.


The final stage of the funnel is where the prospect buys the product or becomes a paying client. 

When a prospect inquires about your product, it means he/she was aware of your offering and is interested in your product/services. 

He/she may even have the intention to buy. But then suddenly, he/she stops at the “Desire” level, and you didn’t hear anything from him/her. 

The prospect is one step closer to converting. 

But what do you need to do to make them move in the funnel and convert?

Here are some effective strategies that will surely move that customer into the next level of the marketing funnel and make them buy your product/service.

1. Give valuable content for free

After some time of not hearing from your customers, follow up on them. But this time, instead of following up if they are interested, offer them something for free. 

One of the most effective freebies that you can give to convert your prospect to become a customer is giving them valuable content. 

Some of the interesting content that you can offer them for free are exclusive access to ebook, vlogs and blog among others. 

Make sure this valuable content is relevant to your customers that will make them want to purchase. 

For example, we, at DG Strategists offer ready to use social media posting/content strategies to different businesses

A lot of prospects are interested in the product, but some are “just interested” and don’t have plans of buying. 

What we did is we created an exclusive ebook “Facebook Boost Posts Best Practices” and “Effective Strategies to Increase Your Followers On Social Media”. We offer these exclusive ebooks to all prospects who will avail of our product. 

In an instant, we were able to close a couple of leads. Getting free stuff made them feel special. It also made them feel that their investment in our product is worth it because of the extra stuff we added. 

If you are wondering what valuable content or stuff you can offer for free to your prospects, you can buy some rights to some ebooks or apps or systems at Code Canyon.

Some of the apps are brandable so you can edit and brand them as your own and give them for free to your prospects.

2. Awesome Customer Service

Customer service is not just emailing your customers or proper phone etiquette. Customer service also involves answering inquiries and messages as fast as you can, listening to their complaints and finding solutions to them right away, as well as sending them “thank you” notes and messages. 

If you want to convert a lead into a customer, you need to provide the best customer service. 

We, at DG Strategists, are quite proud of our customer service. We don’t use chatbots on all our messages. We are very human when talking to our customers. We even cater to inquiries that are not even our prospects or customers. We even offer after-sales support to make sure that our clients have the best experience with our products. 

Moreover, our very core value as a company is to help people as much as possible. We aim to provide solutions and alternatives to all their problems.

We had one experience with a customer that is not really interested in our product. But she keeps on asking questions about social media marketing and we are very eager to help her. She learned a lot from the short conversation we had and really thankful for our help, and she felt the need to try and avail of our product. And now, she is one of our avid followers and loyal supporters.

And that’s the magic of great customer service.

3. Generate trust and credibility

In this digital age, it is easy to create accounts and build a so-called company. So you need to work on your brand credibility. 

If you can, make sure your brand is registered. Also, check with your customers if you can screenshot your transaction for proof of delivery and order. It is also good to ask for testimonials. 

Testimonials and case studies are great proof of credibility. If a prospect is asking for any legitimate proof you have something to offer and show them. 

Most of the time, one of the reasons why prospects don’t convert is because they are not sure if your business is legit or not. So better to have something to show legitimacy. 

For us here on DG Strategists, we compiled all our testimonial screenshots in one Facebook album. We show this to all our prospects to give them more ideas about our products. You may check our testimonials here

4. Offer more opportunities for engagement

Always follow up on your prospect. If they are not responding, offer different ways of connecting. They might want to contact you next time they are available so better to provide your contact details. 

When providing contact details, make sure to give them a lot of options to contact you like, Messenger link, Viber and Whatsapp Number, or Mobile/ Office number. 

Also, be present on all social media networks. Don’t limit your posts on Facebook. Share them also on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and if applicable in Tiktok.

Posting daily can also help your prospect remember you. If your prospect is seeing you everywhere, there is a great chance they will remember your product and follow up on their inquiry. 

If you need help when it comes to creating content, we recommend checking our social media content strategy. 

These are just some of the ways that you can do to make sure your prospect move forward on the marketing funnel and become paying clients. 

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What other topics would you like us to do? Comment down below and we might feature them in our next blog. 

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