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How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert

How to create effective facebook ads

How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert

Struggling to make your Facebook ads more interesting? 

Wondering why you’re not getting more engagements or inquiries even if you are already spending on it?

Effective Facebook ads revolve around the right content such as image design, videos, photos and even the captions you use in your posts. 

Did you know that with more than 4 billion daily watchers, Facebook video ads are one of the most effective forms of advertising? Alongside this, static or carousel images are one of the most used forms. 

Paired with the right content and captions, videos and images can be a powerful tool that can make your Facebook ads perform well and converts. 

So if you are wondering how to make your Facebook ads images or videos more appealing to your target market to increase your engagement and receive more inquires that you can turn into sales, here are some easy to do strategies:

How to Create Effective Facebook Image Ads

1. Showcase or feature your product

Facebook users scroll through their feeds daily. This means that you need a striking image that would stop them from scrolling. And this could be showcasing the best photo of your product. 

Studies show that 91.7% of ads with faces on them attract more attention. If you’re selling accessories, skincare products, or make up, have someone model your product for you.

For food shops and restaurants, have your products photographed. Make sure the food looks appetizing in your photos. So when your target market sees your posts, they will stop scrolling and crave for your delectable food. 

For real estate pages, it is important to show the image of the house model or condo units that you are selling. Include in your images the interior and exterior photo of the property to give your target audience an idea about the property. 

If you are a financial advisor or an insurance agent, a quick breakdown of insurance benefits and costs can be really attractive and engaging. It can also stir up conversation for your target market. 

How to make facebook ads images

2. Create one targeting your audience

Who is your target market? What is their gender? How old are they? What are their interests? Where do they live?

Create a list of all the thing that describe your target market. Then use this information to create an effective image. 

For example, you are trying to launch a Facebook ads on your skincare line. And your target market is females that are 20 to 30 years old. They are young professionals with active and busy lifestyle.

Given this demographic, you can create an ad featuring a woman working in the office fresh and beautiful with your skincare or makeup line in her table. 

So customize your ads according to your audience’s preference, gender, age, and location, among others. Know who your audiences are and use them for your Facebook ads. 

How to make facebook ads images

3. Avoid excessive texts

Did you know that one of the reasons why Facebook is rejecting some ads is because of too much words used in it? 

So when you are creating Facebook ads, keep it simple. The text or copy of your ad should be 20% only of the whole design. 

Be clear and get straight to the point. Bombarding your audience with text makes it harder for them to focus and remember you.

What you would like to do is to catch their attention as soon as they see your ad. 

How to make facebook ads images

4. Show testimonials

Using testimonials in your Facebook ads is a good strategy that can attract conversion. 

So add screenshots of product reviews and real-life testimonials in your Facebook ads. But remember, you have to limit the text of your ad. Make sure it does not exceed to Facebook recommendation of 20% text for the whole design.

For testimonials you may refer to direct messaging of customers on Messenger, WhatsApp, text messages, as well as comments, tweets, and blog reviews. This can become proof for other people to see that your products are useful without having to research at all.

Using testimonials is also a great way to prove to your customers that you are a legit company and that you have proof of deliveries and orders. 

How to make facebook ads images

5. Use high-resolution images

Using low quality images decreases the quality of your ads. And sometimes, Facebook will even reject your ad. 

Using high-resolution images makes your ads more eye-catching and interesting. A picture cannot be worth a thousand words if it’s pixelated and hard to read.

Just recently, Facebook added a feature that automatically increases the quality of your image. It is called Advantage+ creative which helps you improve the appearance of your ad creative. 

How to make facebook ads images

6. Display your promo

Nothing catches the eye better than discounted prices. Catch their attention by adding a benefit to your images.

Use numbers to convey this message: 10%, 20%, 50% usually mean discounted prices and people easily fall for this. 

How to make facebook ads images

7. Use readable fonts

Your ads have to convey the message immediately. Use readable fonts, with sizes that are good enough to be read even when they’re not sitting in front of their desktops.

Although it has turned into a trend to use a variety of fonts in advertising, it is suggested that you stick to a couple of fonts only. This prevents overwhelming and distracting your audience.

We recommend sticking with your brand style in choosing fonts for your ad creatives. 

8. Be aware of colors

Learn more about using complementary and contrasting colors. Matching green with yellow can shock people and they might not even want to take another glance at your ad.

Red, green, and blue are the top colors used in marketing because they can easily capture your attention. On top of this, blue and green evoke feelings of peace, reliability, and health.

There are subtle messages these colors are telling you, so use them to your advantage.

how to make facebook ads images

Although images are usually the go-to form of advertising on Facebook, video can also garner a lot of attention from the users.

But how to do you create an effective video ads? 

Here are some best practices to guide you to make sure your video ads convert. 

How to Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

1. Be knowledgeable on video ad requirements

Know the technicalities of creating a video ad. This includes the file type, ratio, duration, file size, and resolution.

Knowing all these and their purpose would help in preventing low-resolution and cropped-out videos.

Not following the recommended Facebook video ad format can result to rejection. So make sure your ad fits Facebook’s video ad policy. 

How to make facebook video ads

2. Be engaging in the first 3 seconds

You have three seconds before people either stay or scroll away. In those three seconds, make sure you make enough impression for them to keep watching.

Start with a catchy intro – one that is related to your brand, and probably something they’ve never seen before. Be unique.

Try to avoid putting your logo in the start of your ad. If someone it talking, make them talk in the first 3 seconds of the video and just ad your logo at the end for brand recall purposes. 

[insert sample]

3. Create a video you can understand even when muted

85% of Facebook video ads are watched without the sound. When a majority of these ads are viewed silently, you have to think of strategies to send your message across on mute.

This is where captioning works. Adding text to your videos guarantees that people still know what you’re advertising about even without having to listen. Make sure it still resonates.

[insert sample]

4. Focus on mobile-users

Studies show that vertical videos fare better, and get 6% more three-second views than other formats. 187% more watched at least half the duration of these videos.

With practically everyone owning a smartphone, you can grab their attention by feeding them what is convenient for their screens – vertical videos.

That’s why reels and tiktok videos are so popular because it was able to provide a good user experience with mobile users. 

These are just some of the best practices when launching video ads on Facebook. If you are not yet ready to produce one, you can always explore another ad creative format which is Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ad format is a collection of up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each having their own link. This is available for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. 

Here are some of the best practices in launching an effective Facebook Carousel Ads.

How to Create Effective Facebook Carousel Ads 

1. Use the right images and videos

With the same cost, carousel allows you to show multiple images for people to scroll through. This is great for when you have multiple products you want to showcase.

Use the right images and videos to make your ad more engaging. To do that, make sure that your images are cohesive which means they should be related to each other and feels put together. 

[insert sample]

2. Have a landing page for every card

You can have a pick at your landing page. You can direct one card to a specific page where there are other related products.

This makes ad-to-purchase transactions easier, because you are already giving them a taste of what your products would be like.

3. Grab attention through discount offers

Carousel ads can also display promo codes next to the call-to-action. When paired with the right image showing promo discounts, it takes one click to get them to your website.

Make sure to send your message across through using all the components of carousel. These details are what make it engaging for your clients.

4. Put your top-performing cards first

This format allows for a test-drive. You can test out pieces of your ads to see which one generates a better performance.

After looking into these, you can put your top-performing cards first, and then putting the lowest-performer last.

5. Use call-to-action

In completing the ad, you must select the right call-to-action. Take advantage of your ad and make sure it aligns well with what your product is.

When advertising music, you can try “listen now” and with clothing, choose “shop now.”

Things to Remember When Posting Facebook Ads

Captioning is essential in making your ads feel alive. 

Although images, videos, and carousel are powerful formats that catch your audience’s attention, they are nothing without Facebook ads captions.

It is through captions that you can give off a sense of urgency and a feeling of reassurance. You have to reassure your audience that your products/services are worthy of purchasing, and that they are highly beneficial for them.

All of these formats, when paired with the right caption, can make your ad perform well and even converts. 

But creating effective Facebook ads is not that easy. That is why we are here to help.

If you need help in creating engaging Facebook Ads images and caption, we have a customized strategy for you. 

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