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How to fix if Facebook post is Boost Unavailable

How to fix if Facebook post is Boost Unavailable

There are two ways that you can advertise on Facebook. One is through creating an ad and the other one is by boosting your existing posts. 

Boosting your existing post is very popular with business owners. That is because it is easier and can be set up within seconds.

If you are still unfamiliar with boosting a boost, here is a quick guide. 

Note: Boost Post is not available in Personal Accounts. You’ll need a Facebook Page to boost a post. If you are co-managing a page, you need to have a Page role that allows you to advertise. 

To boost a Facebook post:

Step 1 – Go to your Facebook page

Step 2 – Choose the post that you want to boost

Step 3 – Under your chosen post, you will find a Boost Post button

Step 4 – You will be directed to another page to fill in a few details: 

  • Audience – People who can see your ad
  • Total Budget – Total budget that you want to spend for your ad
  • Duration – Time frame you want your ad to run
  • Payment Method – Ways on how you can pay Facebook to run your ad

Step5 – Once done, select Boost. 

But what if your chosen post is unavailable for boosting. Normally, for this case, instead of the Boost Post button, you will see a greyed out button that says “Boost Unavailable”.

If you have this on your post, here are the things that you need to do and consider.

Why can’t I boost my Facebook posts?

1. Check what type of post you’re trying to boost

Facebook retired boosting for certain content formats. Here are some content formats that are unavailable for boosting:

  • Cover photos
  • Profile pictures
  • Draft posts
  • Notes or posts containing a link to a note
  • Live and scheduled videos
  • Albums
  • Shared posts
  • Shared albums
  • Expired posts

If you are trying to boost one of these content formats, we recommend copying the content and creating an ad image for it. Once done, publish it as a post. 

If you are trying to boost a shared post or a shared album, we recommend doing the same. You need to convert that shared content into a post and publish it on your Facebook page. 

The same is true with expired posts. Check the date of the post you are trying to boost. If it is an expired post, you need to create a new post even if it is similar or identical to the expired one. 

2. Check if the post has an expired offer

There is no use boosting an expired offer. That is why you can’t boost a post offering an expired promotion. So when choosing a post to boost make sure that your offer is updated.

For your boost to be available, publish new content that has an updated offer. Update the content/caption and the image. You may also need to fill in new details for your Audience, Budget, Duration and Payment Method. 

Once your ad is reviewed and approved, it will start running. 

If your post is connected to your website or to your online store, check if you have an updated offer. If not, boost will not be available for this post as well. 

3. Check your page role if you have permission to advertise

If you are co-managing a page, you need to have the role of an admin, advertiser, moderator, or editor to boost a post. 

If you are an admin, you can give someone a role to advertise. Simply go to Settings, then Page Roles, enter the email or name of the person you want to give permission to. Then click Editor and select the role from the dropdown menu. Last, click Add and enter your password to confirm. 

4. Check if your post has URL that contain a Facebook Click ID

One of the reasons why you can’t boost a post is maybe because your caption has a URL with Facebook Click ID. 

URL with Facebook Click ID has a text string fbclid= and usually has 61 characters.

If you can’t remove the URL on your caption, just remove the text string fbclid= and all subsequent characters. 

Once done, republish your post and wait for the boost post button to appear. 

5. Check if your Ad Account Status is disabled

You can’t boost a post if your ad account is disabled. To check the status of your ad account, simply go to Ads Manager then under status, confirm if your account is Active. 

Ad account gets disabled because of unusual activity. To avoid getting your account disabled, you need to comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. Here’s how you can Troubleshoot a Disabled Ad Account

6. Check if your mode of payment is disabled

If your mode of payment is disabled, you cannot boost a post. Usually, payment gets disabled due to unusual account activity. You can request a review of your ad account if this happens. 

What to do if my post is Boost Unavailable? How to troubleshoot 

If your post does not qualify for the above list, then here are a few ways on how to troubleshoot Boost Unavailable:

1. Request a review

Usually, if your post is Boost Unavailable, you can send a request review to Facebook so they can check and assess your post. This usually takes 24 hours. Facebook will provide an assessment that you can use to change and update your post to get approved. 

2. Repost or republish the post

If Boost Unavailable, try changing or updating your caption as well as the image that you are using. You can’t repost or republish the rejected post over and over again. If you do this, you will be flagged for unusual activity. So better update your content. 

3. Avoid using spam words

Facebook algorithm flags accounts or posts that use trigger words like “free, sale, limited time, join my team, follow, buy, like, share” among others.

It also flagged posts that use profanity. 

So check your caption if you are using these trigger words. 

4. Avoid using too much text on your image

Facebook also rejects boosting to images with so much text. So make sure to be creative in designing your ad image. Use witty and engaging copy and avoid using too many words. KISS it away. KISS – keep it short and simple. 

5. Avoid advertising products or services that are prohibited

You cannot advertise products or services that are about sex, drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives, unsafe supplements, “adult” products and services, cryptocurrency, surveillance equipment, loans, multilevel marketing schemes, tobacco, pharmaceutical, spyware or malware and anything that is illegal. 

If you do, Facebook will automatically reject your ad. And if you continue to do it, your Page, as well as your Ad account, will be flagged for unusual activity. 

6. Update your Facebook page with engaging and informative content

Make sure you update your Facebook page with engaging content. The golden rule for effective social media marketing is 80-20. 80 percent of your social media content should inform, educate, and entertain. Whilst the remaining 20 percent should be allotted to promotion. 

If your Facebook page only produces hard-sell promotion, then Facebook can flag you for unusual activity. Moreover, sooner or later your audience will get tired of seeing your post and will unfollow you. 

Facebook pages are created in order to serve your audience with quality content and not just pure promotion. So make sure to invest in quality content. 

If you need help in creating quality content that follows the 80-20 formula. We can help. We have customized social media content strategies that you can use to keep your page updated and healthy. Simply send us a message so we can send you the details m.me/dgstrategists.

Last note

Boosting a post is a great way to promote your product and services. But as users, you need to comply with Facebook policies. These policies are being implemented to avoid abuse of the platform and to create a healthy and safe online community. 

If you have other questions when it comes to Facebook advertising or social media management, send us a message via email at dgstrategists.com.

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