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Social Media Trends to boost your business in the Philippines

Social Media Trends to boost your business in the Philippines

As we are about to finish the half of 2022, are you still having trouble promoting your business on social media?

Do you have problems growing your followers? 

Do you not get enough inquiries that you can convert into sales?

Well perhaps, you aren’t doing these “social media trends”. 

If you are having a hard time boosting your business on social media, perhaps these 2022 social media must-do can help you change that. Don’t worry, it is not yet too late to follow these trends. 

Trend #1 – Use social media ads, like Facebook ads

It is not enough that you post content on your page. You need to publish it in the face of your target market. And the best and most effective way to do that is to use Facebook Ads. 

Facebook Ads has been a very powerful tool for business owners and marketers. With this, they can reach their target market, communicate with them directly and convert them into sales. In short, it provides an effective customer journey of messaging that organic or non-paid posting can’t do. 

So if you want to increase your sales, promote your brand, or grow your following, use social media ads such as Facebook Ads. 

Check out our blog on Facebook Boost Posts Best Practices to learn more about the best and optimum way to use Facebook Ads. 

Trend #2 – Use influencers to market your business

Another 2022 social media trend that will help you boost your business in the Philippines is by hiring or commissioning an influencer. Influencers can inspire and affect the purchasing decision of your target market. They can help you increase brand awareness, and reach, as well as drive sales. They are also very cost-effective. 

Just a reminder when choosing an influencer:

  • Make sure their content is in line with your brand or business. 
  • Choose an influencer that has a specific niche that is the same as your business.
  • Choose an influencer who reflects the values that your brand upholds. 

It is also a must to do thorough research about the influencer to make sure that they are legit, has a solid following, and fit to promote your brand. 

An influencer with 5000 or more followers can help a small business drive more sales and increase brand awareness. 

Trend #3 – Produce short videos and reels

Remember how Tiktok dominates the whole social media world during the pandemic. That is because short video clips are easy to digest and consume. With this, business owners and marketers should produce short but witty videos that get their customers’ attention. 

If you can cut a 5-minute video into a 2-minute video, do it. If you can cut that 2-minute video into one minute, do it. And if you can even cut it into 30 seconds, do it. 

Also, be CONSISTENT in producing short videos and reels. Make it a part of your daily, weekly or monthly social media plan. 

Facebook is in the promotion stage for Reels. It tends to recommend and promote it to all of its users. Thus, if you have Reel videos or content, Facebook will put you on people’s feeds even without you doing paid promotion, increasing your organic engagement and reach.

With this, businesses and brands should take advantage of this feature as soon as possible.

Trend #4 – Create content that positively affects the mental health of your audience

A simple content or comment on social media can leave people feeling drained, manipulated, and even exhausted. This can affect their mental health. 

With this, be careful in creating and sharing content. Create content that promotes positivity and happiness. You can also share informative content that will educate your audience about the importance of your brand to their life. 

Don’t know what to post on your page. We have ready to use social media content strategy that you can implement so you won’t run out of content to post. Check out our 365 days social media content strategy.

Trend #5 – Beware of fake news

One of the trends that keep on growing on social media that you should avoid is Fake News. As a brand, you should be very critical of the content you post or share. Don’t go with the bandwagon. Don’t share posts just because it has a lot of shares and likes. If your brand participates in the spread of fake news, Facebook might block your page or account. So be careful. 

Trend #6 – Avoid over-promotion

As social media strategists, we’ve heard a lot of “horror stories” about too much hard sell promotion on Facebook. Pushing your products to your followers, using spammy promotional words, and bombarding your page with unengaging posts just to make a sale will only backfire on you. We’ve heard a lot of people doing these tactics and ended up having a blocked Facebook Account. 

Facebook Algorithm can trace pages that do hard selling. Remember, Facebook was created for communication and entertainment. So create content that entertains and educates. 

The effective formula for social media marketing is 80-20. 80 percent of your content should educate, inform and entertains. And only 20 percent should be allotted to promotion. 

That is why here in DG Strategists we only offer quality content that educates our readers and followers. 

How about you? Are you doing the same for your brand? 

Trend #7 – Launch giveaway promos or giveaway freebies

People like to receive free stuff. And when they get things for free they don’t mind doing a little favor for you. This trend has been very effective in increasing followers and converting leads into sales. So make sure to use this strategy every time you have a chance. 

Share your giveaway promos on forums, giveaway websites, groups and of course to your Facebook page and personal account. 

Don’t also limit yourself to these places. Spread the good news everywhere you can. The wider the share the higher the engagement. 

These are just some of the trends that can be very beneficial to your business. We will still be on the lookout for new trends that might come up within the year, so better watch out. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for more tips and hacks on social media marketing!