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Step by Step Guide on How To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Posts

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step by Step Guide on How To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Posts

Are you cramming to post your Facebook and Instagram updates on time?

Looking for a hassle-free way to manage your social media content?

Meta Business Suite has all the essential features for your social media scheduling. With a few clicks and some strategic planning, you are all set for the coming months.

This is greatly beneficial, especially for busy business owners and professionals who barely have time on their hands.

Benefits of scheduling your posts

As business owners, time is important. That’s why scheduling your posts ahead of time offers a lot of benefits:

Saves you time

Scheduling saves you time and saves you from unnecessary stress. 

Scheduling and planning your posts in advance means you can set up your social media content for weeks – even months – to come.

Moreover, you don’t have to panic daily about which caption to use, and what graphics to add. 

As a business owner, time is essential. Planning ahead will save you from wasting a tremendous amount of time thinking about your hashtags, photos, and captions.

Through scheduling, you can use your extra time to engage with your audience instead. Replying to their comments, and answering their questions under your posts can solidify their trust in your brand.

Maintains consistency across all platforms

Through scheduling your posts, you can remain consistent on all platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

Every day, you can assure that you have an Instagram and Facebook story at your preferred time and that a post goes along with it. Through this, your clients and followers won’t have to wait for your updates. 

Helps you perfect your content

Planning ahead of time gives you ample ideas on improving your content. Be it with your captions or your graphics – you can spice them up and edit your tone accordingly.

Posts real-time updates

You no longer have to worry about season greetings, or holiday discount updates. By scheduling ahead of time, you are prepared no matter what holiday or season to post about. 

This is also a benefit when you’re launching a new product. You can set up your posts at different intervals of the day without having to turn your focus away from the actual event.

Scheduling posts is more than just a feature. It’s a necessity for business owners like you. That’s why we created a step-by-step guide on scheduling posts on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Schedule Posts on Facebook and Instagram

Step 1 – Log into your Facebook Account 

Make sure the Facebook account you will log in to is connected to the page you are managing. 

Step 2. Open a new tab and type in business.facebook.com

Since you are already logged in to your account that manages your page it would be easy for you to access your page through business.facebook.com

This is what it looks like.

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step 3. Click Planner on the left side tab

Here, you will see all your previous and scheduled posts.

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step 4. Click month view

Under the Planner, there are 2 views that you can choose. Choose the month view so you can see all the content plotted for the whole month. 

social media calendar

Step 5. Click the “Create” Button on the upper right corner

In here, you have the option to schedule different posts. You can schedule regular posts, stories, reels and even create an ad. 

meta suite planner / social media calendar

Step 6. Choose Facebook and Instagram Account

In order to cross-post your content on Facebook to Instagram, you need to make sure that both accounts are checked under the “Post to” tab. 

If you can’t find your Instagram account under the “Post to” tab, it means it is not yet connected to your Facebook page. 

You need to connect it using this process:

From Facebook:

1. Log in to Facebook and click Pages in the left menu.

2. From your Facebook page, click Settings.

3. Scroll down and select Instagram in the left column.

4. Click Connect Account, and fill in your Instagram username and password.

From Instagram:

1. Log in to Instagram and go to your profile.

2. Tap Edit Profile.

3. Under Public Business/Profile Information, select Page.

4. Choose the Facebook page you wish to connect to. If you don’t have one yet, tap Create a new Facebook page.

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step 7. Add media

Under the “Media” tab, you can upload your photo video or even use a template. For this one, we will upload a photo. When uploading photos, be aware of the text-to-image ratio, and all other guidelines to follow on Facebook and Instagram.

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step 8 – Add captions under the Post Details tab

Once your images have been uploaded, you need to upload a caption or a description of your photo. 

Here, you have the option to post different content on Facebook and Instagram. 

We have uploaded the same caption for Facebook and Instagram, with the exception of the Hashtags. 

Hashtags perform well on Instagram so we will skip hashtags on Facebook.  

Preview posting for Facebook:

Preview posting for Instagram:

how to schedule facebook posts

You can find the preview of your post on the right side of the window. For Facebook posts, you can see a preview of your ad in a mobile and desktop format.

For Instagram, you can only preview the ad in a mobile format.

Step 9. Schedule your post

Last part, you can choose the time and date you want to publish your Facebook or Instagram post.

Although you may choose when to post your ads, we still prefer choosing the high times when your audiences are more active.

You may check out our case study on the best time and day to post on Facebook in the Philippines. 

how to schedule instagram posts

Step 10. Click “Schedule” to schedule your post

Once you’ve clicked “Schedule”, you will see this on your dashboard. This means you have successfully scheduled your post.

how to schedule facebook and instagram posts

Step 11. Edit your post

If you want to change and edit anything about your post, you can simply hover your cursor above what post you want to edit, and then click the three dots in the corner.

Here, you can edit, duplicate, reschedule, move to drafts, and delete your post.

how to edit post on facebook

Ready to use social media calendar

And that’s it!

With Meta’s Scheduling feature you can schedule and automate your content for the whole week or month!

However, you can schedule if you don’t have content. 

That is why, we, at DG Strategists, offer ready-to-use social media calendars that are ready for scheduling and posting. 

Our strategies include ready-to-use and edit images with captions and trending hashtags. 

Plus, all our strategies are based on the effective formula of content marketing which is the Golden 80-20 formula

So if you need help in creating and scheduling your social media content, we have a ready-to-use 365 Days of Social Media Content Strategy customized for every business.

To know more, you can email us at dgstrategists@gmail.com, call/text at 0928-223-8416, or

message us on m.me/dgstrategists.