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Tips In Creating Blog Titles That People Will Click

how to create blog titles that people will click

Tips In Creating Blog Titles That People Will Click

Wondering why no one is reading your post? Perhaps you need to change your title. Here are some tips on how to create the best blog titles that people will click and read.

Titles are very crucial. They are the first thing that readers see when they bump into your content. So your title should be appealing and very interesting. With just your title, readers should already have an idea on what your content is about. But how can we create a title that can attract people, that can move their mouse to click it or their fingers to tap it?

Here are some title tips that will make your content more irresistible.

1. Be specific

I know that details belong in the body. But you should also put some in your title. Avoid being so vague and general. Don’t let your readers be lost in a title that is so wide that they become uninterested. Add as much detailed words on your title to set their expectations about your article.


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2. Add powerful words

Words have power. They can change the way we think and act. Make sure to add some powerful words on your title. Be creative in thinking of adjectives to add to your subject. Use appropriate verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Don’t just say “Steps in Making Cake.” Try “3 Easy Steps in Making Delicious and Mouthwatering Chocolate Cake” and let your readers be hungry and tempted to click your content.


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3. Use numbers or lists

Numbers are concrete. They make your content look more credible and trustworthy. They also set a proper expectations to your readers when they see your content. They are easy to read. Using numbers or lists will also help you create the content. It is like organizing your bulleted draft.


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4. Use the power of how to’s

People need information. They go to the internet to find the solution to their problem. So most of us go to google and type the exact question running in our mind. Using how to’s in your title will also help you be searchable. And since “how to” titles are steps and lists, they are also easy to write.


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5. Use 1st Person POV

Make your title relatable. Try using first person POV. I, We, My, Our, make the content more personal. It also humanizes your content. It makes your reader connect with you easily.


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6. Ask thought-provoking questions

Throwing questions at your readers is a good way of piquing their interest. But make sure your questions are interesting and thought-provoking.


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7. Tease

Tease your audience by rephrasing your title. Make them curious and make them want more. Leave them hanging when they read your title so they can click on your title and read it.


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8. Make your title an answer

Whether your reader is looking for a solution to the problem or not, presenting them with an answer will make them want to click you. Even though they haven’t thought of the question, if they are presented with an answer they won’t resist in checking it out and finding out more about it, especially if it is about their industry.


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10. A question with an answer

Giving an interesting question and answering it directly on your title might give away everything making them not read your article. But that is not true. It actually makes them more interested to find out how that answer to that question can be possible. Your readers will like to know how you came up with that answer thus making them read more about your content.


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11. Call to Action

Call to action is a good technique in catching your reader’s attention. They sound like they are imposing, but they wanted the reader to make a positive action. And this positive action is something that they can’t ignore because it can help them or their business.


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Crisel Blenda Fernandez

Digital Marketing Strategist