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Tips To Find Your Next Client On LinkedIn

how to get clients on linkedin

Tips To Find Your Next Client On LinkedIn

Want to know how to find your next client on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a good social media platform to connect with your potential clients, employer, or business partner. But how can you possibly find and connect with the right people?

Here are the simple things that I do to help me effectively network using LinkedIn:

Tip #1 – Make a findable and visually appealing profile

Exert effort in establishing your LinkedIn profile. Remember that LinkedIn is used for professional online networking. So your profile is a reflection of what kind of professional you are in the outside world. Don’t treat it like your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.

Take time in crafting your professional photo and in creating a succinct headline. In creating your profile headline make sure to use keywords that are popular to your network for easy search.

Tip #2 – Learn to connect with others

Find people in your industry or in the field within your interest. Invite them to connect with you. Create a smart network. A smart network will lead you to relevant connections and opportunities. Take time in crafting a personalized LinkedIn “Invitation to Connect” to encourage people to connect with you.

Tip #3 – Learn to snoop

Find people that can be a prospective client, employer, recruiter or someone that can help you in your work or profession. Study what they post, share or activities they do on LinkedIn. Like or comment to their post. Make yourself visible to them in a subtle way. In the long run, they will start to notice you and potentially check your profile. Once they’ve noticed you, they are more likely to reach out to you or you can also initiate a communication with them.

Tip #4 – Stay active

Having an All-Star profile will not make your account active. It is good to have complete information on your account. But make sure that there is an activity going on your timeline.

Post status updates every now and then. Share professional and valuable links to your account. Engage and interact with your connections. These can significantly increase your visibility.

However, be careful with what you post and share. Unlike other social media platforms, it is a major turnoff to post selfies, pictures of pets, or anything like these sorts to your profile. LinkedIn is not Facebook nor Instagram. So saved those cat photos and upload them on FB later.

Tip #5 – Join LinkedIn Groups that match your interest

Groups are a good way to find great connections. It can also increase your reach when you are trying to promote a product or service or simply announce something. So make sure to join the most relevant LinkedIn Groups in your industry and professional interest.

You may also follow some influencers to give color and insights on your profile page.

Tip #6 – Send personalized Inmail messages

People like to feel special. So if you want to secure a good connection from a well-established professional in LinkedIn, take the time to create a compelling inmail message to him/her. For sure he/she will notice you and communicate with you. After that, use this opportunity to your best advantage.

Having a good LinkedIn account can get you to many people, places and opportunities. So, if you have the time to scroll down on Facebook and other social media accounts for entertainment purposes, why not take time to professionally connect and socialize using this powerful platform and meet interesting professionals.

Tip # 7 – Ask for recommendations

Testimonials from your previous clients, employer, or mentor, can help you to establish your credibility. It can also help people who are viewing your profile to know you a little better. So make sure to ask recommendations from people who really know you or those whom you worked with.

I also suggest to draft a personalized email to the people you’re asking for recommendations. LinkedIn has a ready made message for you, but your client or mentor would feel special when you draft something personalized. It means that they are valuable to you and that you would really feel grateful for their recommendations.

These are just some of the smart ways on how you can connect with the right people using LinkedIn.

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Crisel Blenda Fernandez

Digital Marketing Strategist