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Top Social Media Trends To Look Out For This 2023

Social media trends 2023

Top Social Media Trends To Look Out For This 2023

As of 2023, social media users have significantly increased to approximately 4.89 billion, which is a couple of billions more than the past few years.

Alongside the onslaught of social media users came the development of new platforms and the possible dying out of former popular sites.

So if you want to keep your social media strategies up-to-date and relevant, then keep an eye out for these trends:

Social Media as shopping / ecommerce platform

Particularly during the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in online shopping. Alongside this, some online platforms have already included a “shopping” or “online market” feature.

Take for example Instagram Shops and Facebook Marketplace, which are considered the leading social commerce platforms.

Facebook also has “Shops” available only to Pages, where you can list your products and services. It looks like this:

You can integrate or link your website products to your Facebook Shop, so once a customer finds and clicks your product he/she will be directed to your site. 

Other social media platforms are already gaining momentum and are expected to play a huge part in this social commerce trend. 

One of those that are steadily climbing into the scene is Tiktok, which has a “product links” feature. It is now famous for online sellers and one-click shopping.

For business owners, take advantage of this trend. Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shop is free. So make sure to put your products and services here and see your sales grow.

Less hardsell content is the key

Are you still familiar with the Golden 80-20 Formula? It turns out that this is still the key to producing quality content online.

This year, more than ever, consumers are looking for brands that are authentic and socially-conscious. Studies state that 90% of consumers take authenticity as a major factor in their shopping decisions.

This is why User-Generated Content is the best way to go for 2023. Other than being cheaper than traditional advertising, UGC promotes authenticity and comes off as more relatable.

If a customer sent you a feedback, screenshot it and post it on your page. Or if a customer took a video of your product and tagged you, make sure to repost it. These types of content are really good for your brand image and engagement. 

If you need help in creating engaging content for your business, we recommend check out our 365 days social media strategy for ready to use content.

Here are some samples of engaging content for Laundry Shop businesses. 

Laundry shop social media templates

Short videos will continue to rise

According to research, the attention span of an average person today is only 8 seconds. This means that people can no longer pay attention to longer and detailed advertisements.

This can be observed through the proliferation of short videos. Some of the best examples would be Instagram Reels, Tiktok, Instagram Stories, and Youtube Shorts among many others.

In order to be effective as a brand in this day and age, businesses should produce bite-sized content.

So start taking videos and cut them into 30 seconder reels or less and see how your page grows. 

Demand for faster response rates 

With everything we need being literally one click away, we cannot ignore the growing need for customer service to be faster as well.

Surveys show that 90% of consumers need immediate response when there are customer service issues.

This just shows that speed and automated responses are key players in social media marketing. Through this, companies can turn complaints into an opportunity by actively listening to the customers and solidifying brand loyalty.

So make sure to answer all the inquiries that come into your inbox. If you can’t, make sure you have an away message to set the expectations of your customers. 

Typing fast meme

Tiktok will continue to be popular

Instagram videos rose in popularity the past couple of years, and it’s expected to take social media by a storm.

According to studies, Instagram content this year will consist mostly of videos. However, there are other online platforms that are dedicated to short videos.

Tiktok is a platform full of potential when it comes to popularizing trends and showcasing brands. And since it is dedicated to short-form videos, this platform provides an ideal space for brands and creators to reach out to customers.

Not only is it ideal for short attention-spanned audiences, it also has a working algorithm that caters to the wants of the users.

So if you are looking for more ways to promote your product, try creating an account on Tiktok and create short videos of your business. 

Facebook will still remain at the top

Facebook is still the undefeated choice among users. It will stay as the most used social media platform in the world this 2023. Closely following Facebook are Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Facebook is great for brands to reach audiences across all demographics. In fact, this platform is the best place for small businesses to grow their companies because it uses user data and target marketing.

So if your business is not in Facebook, then you are losing a lot. If you still don’t have a Facebook page, this is the best time to create one now. Here are the best practices on how to optimize a Facebook page. 

Social Media Is Still Leading The Advertising World

Are you already convinced that social media is the key to your business’s success? 

Social media is called the king of advertising for a good reason. It provides a variety of features that fit the needs of both the business and the customers themselves.

And since it’s constantly changing to cater the needs of the customers, you should stay up-to-date and relevant with trends.

We’re here to help you keep up with these trends this year, and ensure a prosperous year for your company.

So if you need help when it comes to social media management, we are here to help. 

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