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What Will Happen If You Buy Facebook Likes (in the Philippines)

What Will Happen If You Buy Facebook Likes (in the Philippines)

As a social media management specialist and consultant, we often get a lot of inquiries if it is okay to buy Facebook Likes for business pages here in the Philippines. 

Whilst it is legal to buy Facebook Likes, we HIGHLY discourage it. 

If you are starting to build your page or have been organically marketing your page for quite some time and you are still not getting high numbers of followers, it is really tempting to buy. 

We understand the frustration of many page owners who have been trying their best to increase their page like as our own Facebook page, @dgstrategists, only has a few numbers. 

But we NEVER thought of buying “likes” or do any short cuts when it comes to social media marketing. As social media specialist, we follow all the best practices and proper techniques to ensure that all our efforts on marketing will yield to a good result. 

So to clarify on this topic, here are some of your most commonly asked questions about it. 

What are “fake” Facebook likes?

We will call it “fake” as these Facebook likes are from fake accounts or people that are not your customers or are not interested in your brand. 

How to buy these Facebook likes?

Believe it or not, there is an industry for this. There are a lot of services and companies that are solely offering Facebook likes. You can find them on the internet by simply searching “buy facebook likes” or “where to buy facebook likes”. Once you do, you’ll find a number of websites that will promise you of boosting your Facebook page. You can simply contact them and inquire. 

Fake Facebook likes amount to 10,000 likes for PHP 200 and up. 

Can you get banned for buying?

No. You will not be banned for using fake Facebook likes. As of this writing, Facebook’s terms of service do not prohibit buying likes. On the other hand, Facebook is banning all fake accounts. So if a big number of your Facebook likes is fake, you will lose them in no time. 

According to Facebook, “We have a strong incentive to aggressively go after the bad actors behind fake likes because businesses and people who use our platform want real connections and results.”

Moreover, Facebook is warning all businesses with the consequences of fake likes. 

“Businesses won’t achieve results and could end up doing less business on Facebook if the people they’re connected to aren’t real. It’s in our best interest to make sure that interactions are authentic, so we staff a number of teams to detect fraudulent activity and shut it down.” says Facebook. 

If you are still thinking of buying, here are the things that you need to know. 

Why you should NOT buy Facebook Likes

Here’s why buying Facebook likes is bad for your business

1. They are not real people 

The main reason why you are marketing your business on social media is because you want to connect to real people who are interested in your product. And since they are not real, they are bound to get banned by Facebook. So you are just literally wasting your money if all the likes you bought disappear. 

2. There is no conversion

Since they are just fake accounts or people who are not interested in your product, you won’t get conversion everytime you publish your ad or create content. Moreover, no matter how great your content is, it won’t be appreciated by the right people. This can affect your lead generation strategy. And there is no ROI on this. 

3. It can cause you low engagement

Facebook uses EdgeRank algorithm in checking the performance of each business page. It checks how many people are interacting with your post. How many users are liking, sharing and commenting on it. 

If you get high EdgeRank, it means you are producing quality content that resonates with your followers. And if you have high EdgeRank, Facebook will recommend you on their searches and on other people’s feed. 

This is the reason why fake likes are bad. No matter how great your content is, fake likes won’t interact with your content which will prompt Facebook to stop recommending you to other users. 

4. It can affect your brand credibility

Everything is online. With this, people are demanding for credibility and authenticity. They don’t want to interact with spams or fake accounts. So what do you think will happen if your customers found out that you are using fake likes just to brag you are well-followed? It can surely damage your brand reputation. 

The above are just some of the risks buying Facebook likes can bring to your brand. And that is also the reason why we don’t encourage it. 

Importance of “REACH”

Yes, we have a few followers on our page. But we can assure you that all those followers are very interested in our brand. In fact, most of them are converting followers. 

So even though we get little likes or follows each day, we are still okay with that. 

Part of our social media marketing plan is to get more content reach than followers or like. That is because we want more people to see our content and get value from it. 

is it okay to buy facebook followers

When people get to see your content, and they get interested in your product and services, their initial response is to contact you right away. Interested customers won’t waste their time in following you or liking or even sharing your content.

All they need to do is to see your contact number so they can buy or contact you. 

That is the importance of REACH on your content. 

So the next time you plan for your social media marketing, aim for REACH rather than engagement or followers. 

One of the things that you can get more reach is to produce quality content and by doing the golden formula of social media marketing. Click here to know more about it.

Want to know how to get more REACH for your social media page? Or do you have other social media questions like this? Simply email us at dgstrategists.com or directly message us on our Facebook page m.me/dgstrategists

You can also subscribe to our website to get more tips about the best practices of effective social media marketing. 

Thank you and be social!